Summit Youth Night Guidelines

We endeavour to:

1. Speak and treat others in a caring and responsible manner.

2. Be inclusive. Welcome others into conversations and interactions unless they are alone with a youth leader.

3. Be with the friends who are here. If electronics are seen, Leaders have the right to take them away until the end of the night.

a.) If phone calls are required, there are phones available (one in the youth room and one in the snack room).

b.) A designated person / youth can video or take photos during a youth night.

4. Have FUN! One of the best ways to relate to others is to relax and have a good time!

5. Be respectful:

a) To the person speaking – leader or fellow youth (listen and grow).

b) To the Worship Team and those worshipping. It’s OK not to participate, but we don’t make it difficult or distracting for others wanting to connect with Jesus.

c) Of belongings and property – church or people’s stuff.

d) To others: be quiet and minimize distractions while getting up to go to the bathroom.

e) Of other’s personal space. If they ask to stop…then stop!

6. Clean up after ourselves.

7. Keep all drinks (except water) in the Snack/Cheam room.