Mentoring Youth


Thinking about having or being a Mentor?

Mentor relationships allow for life experiences to be shared between people who care about each other and their personal walk with Jesus.

If you are interested in being a mentor or having a mentor, please fill out this form.

Click here for: Youth Mentoring Purpose Statement and Guidelines 
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Mentoring Matters Sessions

All potential mentors are required to attend sessions in our Baker Room at Mountain Park’s Ministry Centre.  This is a time of coming together for an hour and half to be properly equipped for Christ-like mentoring of Youth and Young Adults.

Mentoring is a dynamic, intentional, voluntary relationship of trust in which one person (the mentor) enables another person (the mentee) to maximize the grace of God within their lives and develop their potential in the service of God’s kingdom purposes.” (Mentoring Matters)

Contact Justin if you are interested in mentoring.