Jeriah Shun

Location: Tai-Bai Village, Taiwan


Ministry Description: Jeriah works in the elementary schools two days a week where she does story time with the kids. These kids come from disordered families and deal with emotional issues. On Tuesday morning she holds a women’s bible study in her home. Another evening she is involved with a youth basketball game where 20-30 youths come and play in a safe environment; She is also working on starting a movie night every Wednesday where she will use bible cartoons to share the gospel. Also, every morning at 6am, Jeriah wakes up and does a prayer walk throughout the village where she meets the people and prays for their needs. As a result of all of these ministries, Jeriah also provides care and delivery of goods to those that are need as she feels the Lord direct her. Finally, Jeriah is well connected with the local church and joins their programs and events on a regular basis.