Casa de Luz

The Casa de Luz Missions Team 2018

At Mountain Park Community Church, we hope that everyone has the opportunity to go on a short-term mission trip. Mission trips provide an on ramp to global evangelism that allow each of us to experience outreach by serving others. We serve in Mexico as a way to grow in our relationships with Jesus and to also serve Him whole heartedly.

Many past team members tell us they have really enjoyed the close community and relationships that develop with experiences like this as they have returned home with enduring friendships.

Casa de Luz is in Primo Tapia, Baja, Mexico, a village located about an hour south of Tijuana.  Abbotsford Vineyard Church has sent teams to La Hermosa Church in Primo Tapia for the past 12 years.  In August 2012 they completed a child care centre to care for children of single mothers.  Providing childcare allows mothers to work and keep their family together.  It also removes the fear and hazards of leaving young children at home unattended while they work.

This trip is intergenerational and everyone is welcome, both families and single people. Our team will stay in the new team house near Casa de Luz.  Bunk beds and bedding are provided!

We will serve in practical ways such as playing with and teaching children, praying for the staff or whatever needs the facility may have.

We will step out and touch the poor in the nearby communities. On past trips we have given groceries away, held a neighbourhood party, and hosted “kub-kar” races for children to name a few. What we actually do in Mexico is finalized when we have our team in place and have time to listen to God as we consult with Toni and Erin Santos, our mission partners who lead Casa de Luz.

Registration is now closed. Speak to Steve to find out how you can support our missions team.