Abbotsford Impact

“Our mission through Abbotsford impact is to tangibly love the people in Abbotsford”

God is creative and a God of action. He is moving, drawing and actively loving people. He calls us to action, to going, to being, a tangible witness of His loving presence. As God’s people, we are privileged to represent His work and will. This requires faith, courage and sacrifice.

As a church, we are called to be “salt and light.” Therefore we are looking for ways to reach outside our walls and relationships to the needs and opportunities in the community around us.

One way to “tangibly love the people in Abbotsford” is to serve people with needs by caring for them in practical ways. In order to make it personal, we as a congregation decided an number of years ago that if we were to be the “hands and feet ” of Jesus, we needed to get involved practically.

Every year Mountain Park sets aside approximately $5,000 for the express purpose of helping the poor or needy in Abbotsford. Here is where you come in! As you see the needs of people around you in your daily influence, we want to encourage you to help them. Often it takes resources that we don’t have. We don’t want that to be a deterrent. Therefore, we have set up the Abbotsford Impact fund to help you fund ministry opportunities.

Some past Abbotsford Impact creative projects

Food and other bag lunch items to street-affected and homeless in our city: $80

Provide Christmas gifts and food hampers: $1400

Make a meal for “Best For Babies”: $400


How do I access the Abbotsford Impact fund?

Print the Request Form and email or hand into the church office. Include a brief explanation of the practical need of someone or a group that you are wanting to help or bless. Feel free to contact one of our staff, elders or member of the Mission Committee if you’d like to chat about your idea first.